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Support Alpha Park Public Library

There are many ways to support Alpha Park Public Library, and we welcome and appreciate the gifts and donations we receive from members of the community. We're always grateful for monetary donations that can be used to support our facilities, programs, upgrades, and more. We also have many volunteer opportunities for specific programs or ongoing help, or joining the Friends of Alpha Park Public Library is a wonderful way to stay involved. Please see each opportunity below for more information, view our Gifting and Donor Recognition Policy for more details, or contact the library at 309-697-3822.

What Your Library Provides 

The library is much more than a place to pick up books – we are a unique and vital pillar providing public services for the community. It's noted that the average American individual saves an estimated $330 a year, and families save an average of $3,600 per year by checking out books, movies, toys, and games from their local libraries! If you factor in our many additional services, such as providing notaries, programs and special events, job and resume assistance, technology training, copying and faxing – the savings continue to add up! We also offer affordable room rental, a place for gaming and socializing, free WiFi, and more – services that you would be hard pressed to find at any other business in our district. The library is dedicated to providing our community with access to services and materials for the informational, educational, and recreational needs of everyone!

Why Your Support Matters 

Infrastructure, materials, and programming expenses are all costs that the library incurs while serving you, and it's our responsibility to keep up with the advancing technologies that our community relies on. Alpha Park Public Library prides itself on the outstanding customer service provided by an accomplished staff, and we strive to provide our staff with the support and compensation they deserve. We want to make sure that our benefits and compensation can continue to recruit the best talent possible. The majority of our income goes towards salaries for our employees. This means that supplemental income is needed for other expenses. That’s where you come in!

By putting in place a comprehensive gifting policy, we are able to provide a steady stream of revenue specifically designated for the non-staff related expenses. Gifts can provide ground enhancements, updates on infrastructure and technology, and general improvements to keep us safe and up-to-date.

Monetary Donations 
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Donations may easily be made directly to the library through PayPal. Just scan the QR Code or Click Here to proceed.  

Monies to be received from grants, donations, and services and in-kind gifts can be sent to the Illinois Library Association for processing and distribution to the Alpha Park Public Library when a 501(c)(3) status is required. Memorial opportunites, such as engraved stones or benches, are also available to honor your loved ones. 

Please call 390-697-3822 x12 for more details. We greatly appreciate your generous support!

Join the Friends of Alpha Park Public Library 
Volunteer Opportunities 

We love volunteers! They're an important part of making our programs and services possible. Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for more information and applications, or contact the Outreach Department at 309-697-3822 x25 for more information.  We appreciate your interest!