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Seed Library

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In the Beginning

The seed library began the summer of 2018 with donations from Baker Creek Heirloom, Seed Savers Exchange, and High Mowing Organic Seeds. The purpose is to provide free garden seeds for anyone in our library district. Anyone who takes seeds is asked to either share their harvested seeds in the fall or to bring in seeds to help keep our library stocked.

How It Works

  • BORROW: Take up to 5 seed packets per week Make a mark for our records Take any guides offered, browse the gardening books, or visit our online resources for additional tips and tricks
  • GROW: Plant your seeds and watch them grow
  • SAVE: Save your seeds: harvest when seeds are mature, dry, and store for next season Seed saving guides are available
  • RETURN: You are invited to return some of your saved seeds to the library to be shared with the community again next season. Make sure to carefully follow seed-saving guidelines for particular varieties.



SSE Heritage Farm


Charles Dowding


USDA Seed Saving

For more seed saving information, contact a librarian at (309) 697-3822 ext.13 or or visit us at 3527 S. Airport Rd., Bartonville, IL.