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Seed Library

Ad for a Seed Library encouraging to take seeds, plant, and share donations. Includes images of seeds, planting, and vegetables.


Get started on your garden now with free seeds from our seed library! The purpose of our seed library is to provide free garden seeds for anyone in our library district who is interested in gardening. The seed library began the summer of 2018 with donations from Baker Creek Heirloom, Seed Savers Exchange, and High Mowing Organic Seeds.

How It Works

  • BORROW: Pick out a few packets to take home and mark your selections on the form to help us keep track.
  • GROW: Plant your seeds according to the directions on the seed packets and watch them grow!
  • SAVE: Harvest seeds when they are mature, dry them, and store them for next season.
  • RETURN: Bring in your harvested or leftover seeds to donate to the seed library for others to grow! Please label your seeds and mark your donation on the form when you bring them in.

Don't forget to browse through our gardening books or visit our online resources below for additional tips and tricks.


For more information, contact a librarian at 309.697.3822 x13 or or visit us at 3527 South Airport Road, Bartonville, IL.