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About Us

Alpha Park Public Library & Community

“The Alpha Park Public Library’s mission is to provide progressive and relevant materials and services for the ever-changing, lifelong informational, educational, social, and recreational needs of our various communities. The library is committed to providing excellent customer service in a welcoming environment, and is dedicated to developing partnerships and a sense of community.”

Serving Bartonville, Bellevue, Glasford, Kingston Mines, Mapleton, Norwood, and all of the Illini Bluffs and Limestone Community High School Districts

Residents of the District are proud of their library—both its physical plant and its services. Library staff strives to offer a balanced collection of books, magazines, computers with Internet access, large print materials, reference volumes, newspapers, music CDs, DVD/Blu-Rays, Audiobooks, Electronic books, and other electronic sources. We also offer the community extensive programs dedicated to children and teens. Our public meeting rooms are heavily used. Most important of all, we have a staff that is committed to quality library service and is known in the regional library community for providing outstanding customer service.


"I recently read about the community planning meeting in “The Library Times,” and want you to know how proud I am to have such an outstanding library less than a mile from my home! I am a preschool director, and every March we bring our preschool families to Alpha Park for a visit. There are several libraries closer to our preschool, but your children’s program is simply the best, and cannot be beaten! I wish you luck as you work to improve what I consider the best of the best. You already cater to every single age group, youngest to oldest."
- Patron

"Thank you for being the best library around!  You have such a phenomenal staff that is always so kind and helpful.  We feel very blessed to have such a wonderful resource in our community."
- Patron

"A man was in town visiting his daughter and family. He is from the Baltimore area, Howard County, and we have their library beat. He was very impressed by APL and believes that libraries are now the center of communities."
- Visitor from the Baltimore Area

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