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How Do I Get a Library Card?

  1. To get an Alpha Park library card, you must live within the Alpha Park Public Library district.
  2. To get a new card or renew an existing card, you must present:
    • A valid photo ID with the patron’s current permanent address, or
    • A valid photo ID without the patron’s current permanent address, plus one form of proof of address (see list below), or
    • Two forms of proof of address (see list below).
  3. Acceptable forms of proof of address include:
    • Utility, medical, insurance, or other form of bill
    • Motor vehicle registration
    • Bank statement
    • Rent receipt
    • Apartment lease agreement
    • Property tax bill
    • Paycheck stub
    •  W-2, 1099, or other income tax statement
    • Voter’s registration card
    • Student schedule or report card
    • Learner’s driving permit
  4. Patrons may use a document stored on their cellphone.
  5. If the patron is a child under the age of 14, we must have proof of the parent’s or guardian’s address and a parent or guardian must sign the library card application.
  6. If the patron is between the ages of 14 and 18 and does not have adequate proof of address, we may use proof of address for a parent or guardian.
  7. Library cards are good for three years from the date they are issued or renewed.
  8. Non-resident cards: Patrons living in an area not in a library district (e.g., West Peoria) may purchase a non-resident card. The fee for a non-resident card is $100.00 per household per year. Non-resident cards are good for one year. Identification and proof of address must be provided in accordance with the above rules.
  9. Non-resident taxpayer cards: Patrons who own property inside Alpha Park’s taxing district but live outside the district may get a non-resident taxpayer card at no additional charge. Please bring your latest property tax bill when signing up for a non-resident taxpayer card. These cards are good for one year.
  10. Replacement cards: Lost library cards may be replaced for $3.00. The fee will be waived if the card is expired. Patrons must provide ID and proof of address (see rules 2 and 3 above) when getting a replacement card.