Curbside Pickup Instructions

After much planning and preparation, we are pleased to announce we will begin offering curbside service at Alpha Park Library. Curbside service will begin the week of June 8. Please read the following information:

Beginning June 9th

The following days & times are ONLY for picking up items:

• Tuesdays: 10-3 pm
• Thursdays: 10-3 pm
• Fridays: 10-3 pm
• Saturdays: 10-3 pm

You will need to place a hold on items in advance. If you have more than one library cardholder in your household, please only place holds on ONE library card at this time. Once your hold is available, we will contact you to schedule a pickup day and time.


• The catalog on the our website
• RSACat mobile app (downloadable through the App or Google Play Stores)

If you cannot place a hold request through either of those options, then you may call 697-3822 x10 on the following days & times:

• Mondays, 10-3 pm
• Wednesdays, 10-3 pm

If you choose to call, please know that our lines may be extremely busy. If you cannot get through to a staff member, leave a message with your name and phone number and someone will contact you back as soon as they can.


• Park in an open, numbered spot (marked by signs)
• A library staff member will come to your passenger side and ask for your name
• Please pop your trunk so we may place the items in the vehicle. We will then request you close your own trunk
• If you cannot pop your trunk, please roll down your backseat window and we will place the items in the back of your vehicle

NOTE: If you arrive at curbside and a spot is not available, please wait in line until a staff member directs you into an available spot. This is to help control the flow of traffic in and out of the library parking lot.

NO LATE PICKUPS: You must come at your scheduled time or your items will be put back. If you are running late, please give the library a call and we can reschedule your pickup time.


If you have items currently checked out, you may start bringing those back to the library beginning Monday, June 1. Please use either the drop box at the front or back of the building. Items may still show as checked out in your account after you return them. These items will be quarantined for 7 days before we check them in. After the 7-day quarantine, these items should no longer appear in your account. If you have any questions regarding materials you've checked out or returned, please contact our Circ Manager at 697-3822 x10.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this time as we work through this new process of curbside service at the library.

Questions? Send an email to ALPHA@ALPHAPARK.ORG

3527 South Airport Road, Bartonville, IL 61607-1799

Telephone: 1(309) 697-3822